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Henry Spencer & Juncture - EFG London Jazz Festival
Henry Spencer & Juncture The Reasons Don't Change Henry Spencer, trumpet Nick Costley-White, guitar Matt Robinson, piano, Fender rhodes, Wurlitzer Andrew Robb, double bass David Ingamells, drums Award-winning trumpeter Henry Spencer's 'gleaming tone' (Jazzwise) lies at the core of an exciting young band playing out of the tradition with an invigorating c and attitude, whose debut album has been called 'one of the early contenders for album of the year' by All About Jazz. Recorded on November 10th 2017 at Rich Mix London Jazz Festival TV Director, Mathieu Mastin.
Sophie Alour, Exil(s) - Jazz sous les pommiers
Sophie Alour 'Exil(s)' Sophie Alour (saxophone, flute, compositions) Mohamed Abozékry (oud) Donald Kontamanou (drums) Philippe Aerts (double bass) Damien Argentieri (piano) Wassim Halal (derbouka, bendir) Recorded on May 30, 2019 at Jazz sous les pommiers TV Directors, Laurent Hasse & Thierry Villeneuve .
Jazz legends - Quintette Jaspar & René Thomas
Quintette Jaspar & René Thomas With Bobby Jaspar (tenor sax and flute) Benoît Quersin (bass), Amedeo Tommasi (piano) René Thomas (guitar) Daniel Humair (drums) Playlist - 'Oleo' - 'Ballata in forma di blues' - 'It could happen to you' - 'I remember Sonny' Recorded on 1962 at the Palais des Beaux-Arts, Bruxelles TV Director, Raymond Rossius .
Charles Lloyd & Jason Moran - Jazz sous les pommiers
Charles Lloyd & Jason Moran duo - Jazz sous les pommiers festival 35th edition With Charles Lloyd, saxophone Jason Moran, piano A lesson of serenity by Charles Lloyd . who fits today as a giant in the exclusive world of jazzz This duet between a saxophonist among the most lyrical and most daring of his generation and one of today best pianists, shines with its eclecticism , finesse and intelligencec The poetic stroll revisits in a very intimate way a repertoire that mixes Ellington, Gershswin , Strayhorn , the Beach Boys and Dylan, with personal compositions , including a suite in memory of his great-grandmother , sold to a slave trader at the age of ten yearsr About this repertoire, Lloyd says : 'Music has always been for me both inspiration and consolationo The sentiments I would like to share with those who listen to me e ' Recorded on May 6th 2016, at the Municipal Theatre of Coutances TV direction by Thierry Villeneuve.
Jalil by Nazib Zhiganov at the Tatar State Opera & Ballet, Kazan
Jalil Opera in two acts by Nazib Zhiganov (1911 - 1988) Booklet of Akhmed Faisi Orchestra of the Tatar State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, Renat Salavatov (Conductor) Nouria Djouraeva (Chorus director) Mikhail Pandjavidze (Stage direction) Igor Grinevich (Sets), Sergey Shevchenko (Lighting), Pavel Suvorov (Computer Graphics) Akhmed Agadi (Jalil) Marina Nerabeeva (The wife of the poet) Aïdar Nurgayanov (Juraviev, Colonel) Evgueni Ulanov (Kanzafarov, traitor) Yury Ivshine (André Timmermans) Dina Khamsina (Khayat, The prisoner) Dina Khamsina (The crazy woman) Vladimir Vassiliev (Kovalev) Yuri Petrov (Stpaev) Rustem Kutlubaev (Ishnazarov) Marcel Miftakhov (Sabirov) Ravil Idrisov (Matveev) Oleg Machin (the German officer) Stanislas Sherbinin (Usenko) With the participation of the choirs, the group of mimes and the orchestra of the theater and the choir of children 'Delizia' created with the N4 Conservatory of the district 'Sovetsky' of the city of Kazan (director, Albina Mallikova) Recorded on April 28th, 29th & 30th, 2015 at Kazan Tatar State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, Russia Directed by Vincent Massip .
Gara Garayev's 100th Anniversary Concert in Saint Petersburg
Saint Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra Rauf Abdullayev (Conductor) Maxime Vengerov (violin) Gara Garayev (1918 - 1982) Leyli and Majnun, symphonic poem Violin Concerto Don Quixote, symphonic sketches Path of Thunder, Suite de ballet n° 2 Recorded on March 28, 2018 at the Saint Petersburg Philharmonie Directed by Jean-Pierre Loisil .
The Escapist (Le Rêveur) - Alexander Ekman
The Escapit Alexander Ekman (choreography/Stage design/Light) Mikael Karlsson (music) Henrik Vibskov (costume) Carina Nildalen (dramaturgy) Royal Swedish Opera Ballet With Oscar Salomonsson (Eskapisten) Daria Ivanova, Sarah Jane Medley (Konhuvuden) Anton Valdbauer, Emily Slawski (Du Och Jag) Haruka Sassa, AdiLiJiang Abudureheman (Klassiskt pas de deux ) Eskapister Coralie Aulas, Frida Hambraeus, Alina Lagoas, Luiza Lopes, Kisa Nakashima, Moe Nieda, Natalie Ogonek, Alessa Rogers, Jonna Savioja, Desislava Stoeva, Lisa van Cauwenbergh, Madeline Woo, Mayumi Yamaguchi, Kaho Yanagisawa, Joakim Adeberg, Gabriel Barrenengoa, William Dugan, Mackenzie Farquhar, Hampus Gauffin, Hiroaki Ishida, Pascal Jansson, Julien Keulen, Calum Lowden, Jérôme Marchand, Preston McBain, Kentaro Mitsumori, Jérémie Neveu, Samuele Ninci, Javier Rojas, Erik Rudqvist Solocello Kati Raitinen, Erik Wahlgren Recorded on April 13 & 15, 2019 at the Royal Swedish Opera l TV Director, Tommy Pascal.
A Swan Lake, choreography by Alexander Ekman
A Swan Lake Choreography by Alexander Ekman Alexander Ekman, sets designer Henrik Vibskov, costume Tom Visser, lighting designer With Camilla Spidsøe et Melissa Hough, the black and white swans and the dancers from the Norwegian National Ballet and the school of the Norwegian National Ballet The Norwegian National Opera Orchestra Per Kristian Skalstad, condctor Elisabeth Teige , soprano Fridtjov Såheim , actor Jan Gunnar Røise, actor Recorded on 2014 at the Den Norske Opera RV Director, Jeff Tudor.
Michael Wollny - Live at Jazzdor
Michael Wollny Pierre Cocq-Amann, saxophones Arthur Possing, piano, compositions stian 'Schlapbe' Flach, double basse Pit Huberty, batterie Playlist Atavus (Eric Schaefer) Phlesma Phighter (Eric Schaefer) Big Louise (Scott Walker) Farbenlehre (Michael Wollny) Gravité (Eric Schaefer) Sleeper (Michael Wollny) Hiroshima mon amour (Eric Schaefer) Little Person (Jon Brion) Gorilla Bsicuits (Eric Schaefer) Lassel (Machant) Recorded on November 11, 2018 at the auditorium de la Cité de la Musique et de la Danse de Strasbourg TV Director, Josselin Carré.
Michael Wollny, Vincent Peirani, Emile Parisien, Andreas Schaerer - EFG London Jazz Festival
Michael Wollny, piano Vincent Peirani, accordion Emile Parisien, saxophone Andreas Schaerer, vocal Pianist Michael Wollny, accordionist Vincent Peirani, saxophonist Emile Parisien and the extraordinary vocal gymnastics of Andreas Schaerer - four stand-out individual talents from the ACT Records roster join forces in an all-star quartet that re-defines the range of their various instruments - not just cutting loose from the boundaries of jazz, but doing it in a way which energizes and takes the audience by storm. Individually, all four have made a massive impact at previous Festivals, but and the release of their collaboration - 'Out of Land' marks the boundless potential that these emergent forces will have in the European jazz of the future. Recorded on November 10th 2017 au Cadogan Hall, London Jazz Festival TV Director, Mathieu Mastin.
Emile Parisien celebrates the 40 years of Europajazz
Emile Parisien celebrates the 40 years of Europajazz Emile Parisien, saxophone Vincent Peirani, accordion Michel Portal, clarinet Fabrice Martinez, trompet Manu Codjia, guitar Roberto Negro, piano Julien Touery, piano Simon Tailleu, double-bass Ivan Gelugne, double-bass Mario Costa, drums Julien Loutelier, drums Recorded on May 11 & 12, 2019 à the Epa Abbey TV Director, Jean-Marc Birraux.
Mc Coy Tyner trio 'Echoes with a
Mc Coy Tyner trio 'Echoes with a Friend' McCoy Tyner, piano Geri Allen, piano Craig Taborn, piano Gerald Cannon, doublebass Francisco Mela, drums Compositions by McCoy Tyner: Hope Celestial Chant Peresina You thaught my heart to sing Fly with the mind Blues on the corner One of the great stylists in the history of jazz, McCoy Tyner developed his own musical language alongside John Coltrane. His exuberant, percussive and powerful style has influenced many generations of pianists: at the age of seventy-seven, McCoy Tyner still tours America but rarely crosses the Atlantic. For this unmissable concert in Paris, he is joined by two exceptional pianists, his nineteen-year-old daughter Geri Allen, already known as a leader (with Paul Motian and Charlie Haden) and as a sideman in Steve Coleman's Five Elements, and Craig Taborn who, at forty-seven, has become one of the most thought-provoking and progressive members of the New York avant-garde. Recorded on September 19th 2016 at the Philharmonie de Paris TV Director, Samuel Thibaut.
An evening with Avishai Cohen - Philharmonie de Paris
An Evening with Avishai COHEN Avishai Cohen, double bass, vocal Omri Mor, piano Itamar Doari, drums Orchestre National d'Île-de-France Bastien Stil, conductor Recorded on February 26th 2016 at the Philharmonie 1 de Paris TV Director .
Ahmad Jamal in Paris
Ahmad Jamal, piano Manolo Badrena, percussions Erlyn Riley, drums James Cammack, bass Mina Agossi, vocals Abd Al Malik, vocals Filmed on 14 November 2017 at the Palais des Congrès, Paris TV Director, Patrick Savey.
Ibrahim Maalouf - Philharmonie de Paris
Ibrahim Maalouf Kalthoum Ibrahim Maalouf, trumpet Franck Woeste, piano Mark Turner, saxophone Scott Colley, double bass Clarence Penn, drums The arrangements by Ibrahim Maalouf and Frank Woeste of one of Oum Kalthoum's greatest successes, Alf Leila wa Leila (The One Thousand and One Nights), colour this beautiful, oriental intoxication with jazz tones. Recorded on december 13rd at the Paris Philharmonie 1 TV Director, Samuel Thiebaut.
Jazz legends - Quintette Jaspar & René Thomas
Quintette Jaspar & René Thomas With Bobby Jaspar (tenor sax and flute) Benoît Quersin (bass), Amedeo Tommasi (piano) René Thomas (guitar) Daniel Humair (drums) Playlist - 'Oleo' - 'Ballata in forma di blues' - 'It could happen to you' - 'I remember Sonny' Recorded on 1962 at the Palais des Beaux-Arts, Bruxelles TV Director, Raymond Rossius .
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Jon Batiste and Stay Human - Istanbul Jazz Festival
John Batiste is one of the most exciting talents on the scene today who plays modern jazz with stage charisma. Batiste was listed as one of the most influential young musicians in the art world today by ARTINFO in 2012. John Batiste&Stay Human's stage performances are celebrated for their engaging and interactive quality. JON BATISTE melodica EDDIE BARBASH saxophone IBANDA RUHUMBIKA tuba JOE SAYLOR percussions.


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