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Disney XD ENG
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Marvel's Spider-Man
When Otto Octavius is caught in an explosion that fuses his robot arms to his body, Spidey seizes the opportunity to recruit The Octopus into becoming a hero. (S1 Ep16). Säsong 1. Del 16.
Space Chickens In Space
Barnetta and Phil split up. Barnetta joins Glargg which causes trouble so the Chickens decide to get Phil and Barnetta back together. (S1 Ep14a). Säsong 1. Del 27.
Right Now Kapow
A pyramid is lame. A mother is a sensitive lady. An owl has teeth. A princess has morning breath. A mushroom the size of a hubcap. A loner resists a school full of cyborgs.(S1 Ep22) . Säsong 1. Del 22.
Phineas and Ferb
Top chef Gordon Ramsay and actress Goldie Hawn guest star in this show in which Carl bribes Monty into helping him to get some much needed acknowledgement from Monogram. Inspired by Candace’s book club selection, the boys decide to re-enact the Trojan War but with their own twist.  . Säsong 4. Del 113.
Phineas and Ferb
Candace causes trouble when the boys enter a car race. (S1 Ep2a) . Säsong 1. Del 3.
Phineas and Ferb
Mom asks Phineas and Ferb to help organise a party. Inspired by a movie with a strong heroine, Candace and Stacy enter Phineas and Ferb’s Ultimate Obstacle Course.  . Säsong 4. Del 114.
Big Hero 6 The Series
Hiro, Fred, and Baymax follow the secretive Go Go into the mysterious Muirahara Woods where they get lost and, even worse, everything electronic strangely fails – including Baymax. (S1 Ep9). Säsong 1. Del 9.
Mech-X4 rockets to the Arctic for a devastating showdown with Traeger. (S2 Ep10). Säsong 2. Del 26.
Milo Murphy's Law
Milo goes to his first football game. Milo, Melissa, and Zack try to protect an egg for a science experiment. (S1 Ep2). Säsong 1. Del 2.
Milo Murphy's Law
Sara wants to see The Doctor Zone Files movie with Milo, but worries about potential problems. Milo and the gang spend the day chasing after his doctor’s note. (S1 Ep3). Säsong 1. Del 3.
Big City Greens
Cricket Green’s family moves from the country to Big City. As they acclimatize, their perspectives on differences between country and city are revealed in an entertaining way. (S1 Ep23). Säsong 1. Del 23.
Big City Greens
Bill tries to trick the family into having a photo taken. Can Cricket stop Remy’s parents sending him away to school? (S1 Ep8). Säsong 1. Del 8.
Kick Buttowski Suburban Daredevil
Kick's forced to practise the piano on a lovely day when everyone else is outside, so he spends time devising a spectacular stunt. Kick's sister borrows his bike without asking him and he's determined to get it back. (S1 Ep2). Säsong 1. Del 2.
Phineas and Ferb
His brother has been elected mayor, so Doofenshmirtz builds a country to rule.( S1 Ep26b)   . Säsong 1. Del 42.
Gravity Falls
Lil’ Gideon is defeated by Grunkle Stan. He uses a mind demon to lure Dipper, Mabel and Soos into Stan’s mind so he can gain the knowledge to take control of the Mystery Shack.(S1 Ep19)  . Säsong 1. Del 19.
Gravity Falls
After Lil' Gideon takes over the Mystery Shack, Dipper and Mabel try to get it back. But Lil’ Gideon is always one step ahead of them, and their summer in Gravity Falls is ending.(S1 Ep21)  . Säsong 1. Del 20.
Milo Murphy's Law
When the local roller rink closes, Brigette and Martin get another shot at their dream of being disco dance champions.(S2 Ep6b). Säsong 2. Del 32.
Furiki Wheels
Andre falls in love with a new car and cheats on Brenda. Andre tries to beat a record, putting himself in danger. (S1 Ep11). Säsong 1. Del 11.
Ducktales S2
At the Money Bin, Louie accidentally spends Scrooge’s Number One Dime and turns to mad inventor Gyro Gearloose for help to get it back. (S1 Ep5). Säsong 1. Del 5.
Big Hero 6 The Series
Hiro invents a tiny bot sidekick, Mini-max. Later, he begins an investigation into Professor Granville’s mysterious past and suspicious activity. (S1 Ep17) . Säsong 1. Del 17.
Lab Rats
Adam, Bree, and Chase are caught on Principal Perry's surveillance camera using bionics . ( S1 Ep13). Säsong 1. Del 13.
Lab Rats
New boy Marcus sucks up to the Lab Rats, who like him - except Leo, who’s sure he is bad news. When Adam and Chase start a band with Marcus and Leo is left out he’s sure of it! (S1 Ep18)  . Säsong 1. Del 18.
Phineas and Ferb
The boys are inspired by Candace's dessert club to make the biggest ever jelly, but it all goes horribly wrong when the jelly turns evil. The family is in London and emulates Sherlock Holmes to find out what the boys have planned for the London Eye.  . Säsong 2. Del 30.
Right Now Kapow
A detective investigates a robbery. A basketball deflates. A stinkpeasant becomes king. A trash barge is cool. A beautiful monster marries a charming shrimp.(S1 Ep4). Säsong 1. Del 4.
Marvel's Avengers: Black Panther's Quest
Black Panther finds himself trapped on a tropical island, hunted by Kraven the Hunter.(S5 Ep7). Säsong 5. Del 111.
Disney Mickey Mouse
Mickey goes to great lengths to avoid an avalanche in order to reach a yodelling Minnie! (S1 Ep3)  . Säsong 1. Del 3.
Space Chickens In Space
Finley's robot cleaner can't tell Chickens from trash! Starley finds the Universal Note, bringing fame and fortune? (S1 Ep13). Säsong 1. Del 13.
Big City Greens
The Greens eat out. Cricket and Tilly rescue the octopus instead of eating it. Trouble erupts when a neighbour won’t return Cricket’s critterballs. (S1 Ep9) . Säsong 1. Del 9.
Big Hero 6 The Series
After the gang goes to a spooky haunted house, Hiro keeps seeing Tadashi around the city and ultimately finds himself face to face with his brother. (S1 Ep18) . Säsong 1. Del 18.
Star Vs The Forces Of Evil
When Star sleep spells, it turns out that she’s been instinctively using magic to defend herself from an Interdimensional criminal trying to steal her face.(S1 Ep7a)   . Säsong 1. Del 13.
Milo Murphy's Law
Milo ends up riding with the wrong family on vacation. Milo and Zack try to help Melissa overcome her secret fear of roller coasters. (S1 Ep6). Säsong 1. Del 6.
Gamer's Guide To Pretty...
Wendell introduces his new gamer girlfriend, and everyone loves her except Conor, who claims she was his arch enemy on the solo gaming tour, which causes a rift in the team.(S1 Ep5)  . Säsong 1. Del 5.
Phineas and Ferb
Candace worries about her driving test. The boys build a monster truck. Grandpa takes the boys camping and tells them about Badbeard the pirate. (S1 E13)  . Säsong 1. Del 13.
Phineas and Ferb
The boys are stuck at home with colds, and decide to make it the best sick day ever. They devise a game incorporating a live TV feed to their friends' homes, so everyone can join in.   . Säsong 2. Del 96.
Fearing Ryan dead, the team splits up to find him in the arctic before it’s too late but discover themselves hunted by an unexpected enemy. (S2 Ep11). Säsong 2. Del 27.
Lab Rats: Bionic Action Hero
Douglas reveals an ex-colleague is a movie director who wants to make a movie about the Lab Rats. But when she shows up to do research, her evil agenda unfolds.  .
K.C. Undercover
Ernie and Marisa team up to help K.C. stop Brady and The Alternate from launching The Storm Maker.(S3 Ep12). Säsong 3. Del 67.
K.C. Undercover
When Judy’s due for an upgrade, the Coopers reminisce about their great times before they have to delete her memories and return her to the Organization. (S3 Ep15) . Säsong 3. Del 70.
Right Now Kapow
A bookworm learns his place. A pineapple is chucked at a car. A bird is strong. A king is trapped in his shirt again. A mirror breaks. A ghost starts her business.(S1 Ep23) . Säsong 1. Del 23.
Kick Buttowski Suburban Daredevil
Gordie decides to build his empire, and starts by taking over the gully where Kick and Gunther hang out. But they are determined to fight him and keep their haven. Dad's beloved car is towed away, and Kick helps him get it back. (S2 Ep23). Säsong 2. Del 43.
Big City Greens
Cricket persuades the family to hit up a Thanksgiving sale for a sweet deal on a new TV. Tilly hits it off with Anoosh, the neighborhood cat. (S1 Ep19). Säsong 1. Del 19.
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Disney Mickey Mouse
Mickey goes to great lengths to avoid an avalanche in order to reach a yodelling Minnie! (S1 Ep3)  . Säsong 1. Del 3.


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