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Disney XD ENG
Disney XD ENG
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Marvel's Spider-Man
Spider-Man partners with Iron Man to stop Ghost from taking over and destroying the Stark Expo. (S1 Ep9). Säsong 1. Del 9.
Space Chickens In Space
It's time to elect a new student president. In order to be declared winner, the candidates must complete a series of increasingly silly and over the top challenges. (S1 Ep18a). Säsong 1. Del 35.
Right Now Kapow
A villain opens a theme park. A one man band breaks up.(S1 Ep15). Säsong 1. Del 15.
Phineas and Ferb
The boys' device accidentally liquefies Candace. Doof has jury duty so robot Norm takes over the day’s evil scheme - using weapons to destroy Danville. (S3 Ep30). Säsong 3. Del 95.
Phineas and Ferb
Candace volunteers to help Isabella record a Fireside Girls’ audio book so that the boys are free to be in the backyard at 4pm, and get busted by Mum and her bird-watching group.  . Säsong 4. Del 176.
Phineas and Ferb
The boys learn a strange planet is hurtling towards Earth and must avert it. Doof and Perry get lost in the desert and must work out how to get back to Danville.  . Säsong 3. Del 96.
Big Hero 6 The Series
Hiro thinks Baymax is lost forever, until he finds the chip that Tadashi designed to create Baymax. Hiro immediately gets to work rebuilding his friend. (S1 Ep4). Säsong 1. Del 4.
Ryan finally gets a lead on his biological father Randall, only to find him in mortal danger. The team races against time, and a collapsing mountain, to save him. (S2 Ep5). Säsong 2. Del 21.
Milo Murphy's Law
Milo is abducted by the evil octopus aliens and the ship is destroyed. Zack and Melissa re-inspire Doof to help try to find Milo. (S2 Ep12). Säsong 2. Del 33.
Milo Murphy's Law
Milo and the gang try to save Mom’s goulash using Doof’s hand-held-inators. Diogee eats a jump drive that enemy agents are desperate to retrieve. (S2 Ep13). Säsong 2. Del 34.
Big City Greens
Tilly claims she saw stone gargoyles come to life. Cricket can't fulfil an order for veg. What will he do? (S1 Ep11). Säsong 1. Del 11.
Big City Greens
Cricket Green’s family moves from the country to Big City. As they acclimatize, their perspectives on differences between country and city are revealed in an entertaining way. (S1 Ep24). Säsong 1. Del 24.
Kick Buttowski Suburban Daredevil
Kick's favourite hang-out, The Gully, has been taken over by Brad, and Kick's on the war path! Kick must go stunt free for 24 hours to stop being sent to military school. (S1 Ep5). Säsong 1. Del 5.
Phineas and Ferb
The boys help Baljeet with his science project, A Portal to Mars.( S1 Ep23a)   . Säsong 1. Del 37.
Gravity Falls
Stan throws a big party to promote Mystery Shack, while Dipper uses a strange photocopier to make clones of himself, so that he can impress Wendy. (S1 Ep9)  . Säsong 1. Del 9.
Gravity Falls
When Dipper falls out with Robbie over Wendy, he brings a character from his favourite arcade game to help him fight it out. Mabel tries to cure Stan of his fear of heights.(S1 Ep10)  . Säsong 1. Del 10.
Milo Murphy's Law
While Milo, Zack and Melissa try to have a peaceful Sunday getting ice cream, Diogee is mistaken for an agent of OWCA and is pitted against an evil scientist. (S2 Ep3b). Säsong 2. Del 26.
Furiki Wheels
Andre and Chobado launch a rescue mission for Miss Piston. Andre loses Chobado’s lucky helmet. (S1 Ep6). Säsong 1. Del 6.
Ducktales S2
The boys track a missing artefact across Duckburg, Scrooge and Webby stall a warrior looking for it with a phoney quest! (S2 Ep9). Säsong 2. Del 34.
Big Hero 6 The Series
To try to prove Yama is behind a mysterious crime spree, perpetrated by tiny bots, Hiro is drawn back into the illegal world of bot-fighting. (S1 Ep20) . Säsong 1. Del 20.
Lab Rats
It's Leo's birthday. The Lab Rats have never had a party of their own so they decide to throw a surprise one for Leo. Trouble is, they get so involved with the arrangements they forget to ask Leo! ( S1 E11). Säsong 1. Del 11.
Lab Rats
Leo hopes to capitalise on Adam's strength and teams up with him to win a fitness contest. He feeds Adam pellets which activate his bionics but make him ultra competitive. ( S1 Ep8)  . Säsong 1. Del 8.
Phineas and Ferb
Candace's dream comes true when Mum finally comes home. Phineas and Ferb are shipped off to military school. But she's surprised to discover she misses them. And is it a dream after all?( S1 Ep16)  . Säsong 1. Del 16.
Right Now Kapow
This character-based sketch comedy show is silly, weird, and frenetic, making the most of the possibilities afforded by animation, with characters like Dog, Moon and Ice Cream. (S1 Ep26). Säsong 1. Del 25.
Marvel's Avengers: Black Panther's Quest
Black Panther and the Avengers battle to stop the invasion of New York. (S5 Ep2). Säsong 5. Del 106.
Disney Mickey Mouse
Mickey’s dream of watching the futebol championship is put in jeopardy after a series of events conspire to block his view. (S1 Ep15)  . Säsong 1. Del 15.
Space Chickens In Space
The Chickens need jobs and bounty hunting pays well! When a school play organised by chickens starts an intergalactic war, they must stage a new play to bring peace. (S1 Ep8). Säsong 1. Del 8.
Big City Greens
The family visits an indoor pool for the first time. Will Tilly enter the family goat in a dog show? (S1 Ep3). Säsong 1. Del 3.
Big Hero 6 The Series
Hiro invents a tiny bot sidekick, Mini-max. Later, he begins an investigation into Professor Granville’s mysterious past and suspicious activity. (S1 Ep17) . Säsong 1. Del 17.
Star Vs The Forces Of Evil
Marco has his worst day ever and Star cheers him up. So when Star has a bad day, Marco tries to return the favour. But he ends up summoning Ludo and his army of giant monsters. (S1 Ep4a)   . Säsong 1. Del 7.
Milo Murphy's Law
New kid Zack meets Milo Murphy, around whom anything that can go wrong probably will. While on the subway Milo's car goes off course and he discovers an underground city. (S1 Ep1). Säsong 1. Del 1.
Gamer's Guide To Pretty...
Pro gamer Conor has injured his gaming thumb and must return to school. He recruits the school's best gamers to help him return to the pro circuit. (S1 Ep1)  . Säsong 1. Del 1.
Phineas and Ferb
When Doof inherits a castle in Druselstein, Vanessa moves her Halloween party to the new digs. As Doof searches for a hidden fortune, the boys help make the party spectacular. When Vanessa asks Doof to babysit her pet bat, Doof has to overcome his lifelong fear of them. (S4 Ep19). Säsong 4. Del 119.
Phineas and Ferb
After seeing a maze on a cereal packet, the boys build a human sized labyrinth in the back yard, packed with obstacles. They navigate it successfully but the girls aren't so lucky.   . Säsong 2. Del 91.
When a new monster creates a city-wide blackout and disables the MECH-X4, the team must figure out how to get the robot working again to stop the beast from completing its mission. (S2 Ep6). Säsong 2. Del 22.
Star Wars Resistance: The Recruit
Kaz embarks on his mission for the Resistance and must take part in a dangerous sky race.
K.C. Undercover
Ernie has been kidnapped by two bad guys and hooked up to a virtual world because they are after a code he has created. Jira and Craig agree to allow K. C. to plug into the virtual world to save Ernie. (S2 Ep23) . Säsong 2. Del 52.
K.C. Undercover
The Coopers go undercover in a biker club. K.C. visits her therapist to tell him about the strange dreams and sightings she has been having regarding her cousin Abby. (S2 Ep25) . Säsong 2. Del 54.
Right Now Kapow
In this fun-filled episode a headmistress pulls a prank and a tall tale stands tall.(S1 Ep16). Säsong 1. Del 16.
Kick Buttowski Suburban Daredevil
Kick brings home an injured stray dog, then discovers it’s a “safety dog” that’s been trained to prevent accidents, and it won’t let him perform stunts! Now he has to choose between keeping the dog and being a daredevil. (S2 Ep18). Säsong 2. Del 38.
Big City Greens
The family takes their first trip to a movie multiplex. Cricket thinks he’s too mature for the kids’ movie so tries to sneak into a more grown-up one instead. Cricket registers his house on a homeshare website, but gets irritated when his guests demand his constant attention. (S1 Ep14). Säsong 1. Del 14.
21:55 (06:00)
Disney Mickey Mouse
Mickey’s dream of watching the futebol championship is put in jeopardy after a series of events conspire to block his view. (S1 Ep15)  . Säsong 1. Del 15.


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