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Disney XD ENG
Disney XD ENG
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Phineas & Ferb
Phineas and Ferb want to make every day of their summer vacation spectacular!. Each day they devise imaginative creations, while their sister jealous older sister Candace tries to get them in trouble with their mom. There escapades can be anything from building a gigantic roller coaster in their backyard, surfing flood waves or travel back in time. Säsong 1. Del 43.
Pokemon series XY: Kalos quest
Ash and Pikachu continue their epic journey in the next exciting season of Pokémon the Series: XY!. While Ash continues his quest to win eight Gym badges so he can enter the Kalos League, he and his traveling companions will make new friends, forge new rivalries, and, of course, meet some brand-new Pokémon! Serena, with her partner Fennekin and new friend Pancham, will take on the Pokémon Showcase world; Clemont will continue to create inventions and hope some of them are a hit; and Bonnie, as ever, will try to find someone to take care of her big brother!. Säsong 18. Del 1803.
The 7D
The whole of Jollywood is turned into frogs, so the 7D set out to find the witch responsible. (S1 Ep20a). Säsong 1. Del 39.
PJ Masks
Romeo and Night Ninja team up to shrink the PJ Masks with Romeo’s shrinker invention. (S1 Ep4a). Säsong 1. Del 7.
Follow the crazy adventures of Scrooge McDuck and mischievous nephews Huey, Duey and Louie..,. Säsong 1. Del 8.
Timon and Pumbaa
Frantic fun and jungle japes with those two great characters Timon and Pumbaa that we met first in Disney's animated classic, The Lion King. Säsong 1. Del 61.
The Lion Guard
When Ono temporarily loses vision in one of his eyes, he questions his value to the Lion Guard as the keenest of sight. (S1 Ep7). Säsong 1. Del 7.
The Gronks
The year is 37,250 BC. Here on Earth, the laid-back Neanderthals live to the beat of Mother Nature and seem quite satisfied with their archaic forms of comfort. But everywhere else in the galaxy, things are spinning along at 10,000 light-years a second, and the wheel is nothing but a distant memory. Säsong 1. Del 9.
Counterfeit Cat
There’s a full moon and Max turns crazy, refusing to stop playing with a catnip toy and running away. Gark puts together a search party to fetch him home. (S1 Ep5b). Säsong 1. Del 10.
Star Wars Freemaker Adventures
The Freemakers are in hot pursuit of the remaining Kyber Saber Crystals, but each time they find one, Naare steals it away. (S1 Ep9). Säsong 1. Del 9.
Star Wars Freemaker Adventures
The Freemakers travel to Zoh where they meet the Maker, who teaches Rowan how to build using the Force. (S1 Ep10). Säsong 1. Del 10.
Star wars rebels
Sabine goes undercover as a cadet in the Empire’s elite flight academy to help break out several young pilots who want to defect to the rebellion. (S2 Ep4). Säsong 3. Del 41.
Phineas and Ferb
It’s Christmas and Phineas and Ferb help foil Doofensmirtz’s plan to stop everyone getting their Christmas presents by telling Santa they’ve all been bad. They plan to turn the whole town into a giant thank you card for Santa, and help Santa deliver the last minute presents. Säsong 2. Del 48.
The 7D
After Grumpy saves the life of an elf, the elf vows to serve Grumpy for the rest of his life. / The Glooms use a magical Joybuster to drain the joy out of everyone in Jollywood. Säsong 1. Del 9.
Penn Zero: Part Time Hero
Depressed at his first Christmas without his parents, Penn wants to avoid yuletide, but zapping to the North Pole to save Christmas as Santa Claus doesn't help! (S1 Ep4). Säsong 1. Del 4.
Pickle and Peanut
A Cabbage Day Miracle/Springtime for Christmas/Yellow Snow: The boys celebrate Cabbage Day, turn December into Spring to make a boy's wish come true and fight with explosive yellow snow. (S1 Ep10). Säsong 1. Del 10.
Kirby Buckets
Kirby learns about the most outrageous prank ever perpetrated, by legendary prankster Frank Williams, and is determined to find a way to replicate it. (S1 Ep8). Säsong 1. Del 8.
Kirby Buckets
Kirby’s work isn’t good enough for the art fair so he joins an underground artists’ group who appreciate it. But when they threaten the art fair Kirby must decide where his loyalties lie.(S1 E6). Säsong 1. Del 6.
Kirby Buckets
Kirby acquires a magic pen that predicts the future. It makes him popular but also gets him into trouble with a bully - then he loses the pen. Can he beat the bully without it? (S1 Ep4). Säsong 1. Del 4.
Kirby Buckets
To avoid a bad cookery grade Kirby fakes an illness and goes to the nurse, who believes his fake symptoms and diagnoses a fatal illness - puppies. Will he be exposed as a fraud? (S1 Ep2). Säsong 1. Del 2.
Pickle and Peanut
While playing in the woods, the boys stumble upon a mythical monster named Pigfoot.(S1 Ep8a). Säsong 1. Del 15.
Pickle and Peanut
The boys discover that their favourite childhood cartoon-star is down on his luck, so they try to cheer him up. (S1 Ep13a). Säsong 1. Del 26.
Pickle and Peanut
Peanut meets a beautiful girl named Amanda at the Wiz Fest Renaissance Faire and pretends to share her interests in elves and magic to impress her. Kelli Berglund (Lab Rats) guest stars as Amanda. (S1 Ep12a). Säsong 1. Del 24.
Pickle and Peanut
There’s a volcano in town, and it’s about to erupt! (S1 Ep14a). Säsong 1. Del 28.
Lab rats
Feeling like the least exciting person in the house, Leo tries to prove his worth when he decides to help Davenport and the new, mobile, Eddy stop an underground gas leak.(S2 Ep2). Säsong 2. Del 22.
Lab rats
While trying to stop the Lab Rats taking a spin in Davenport’s new self-driving car, Leo is trapped inside it by Marcus and sent on a high speed ride to the bottom of the ocean.(S2 Ep3). Säsong 2. Del 23.
Lab rats
Chase’s prank shatters Adam’s confidence. He and Davenport try to re-build it but it backfires, leaving Chase in danger, reliant on Adam to save him. Is he confident enough to do it? (S1 Ep4). Säsong 2. Del 24.
Lab rats
Bree is exposed to a toxic chemical. When Adam and Bree try to get a sample they are captured. Leo is looking after her, but she escapes, then collapses. Can he rescue her? (S1 Ep5). Säsong 2. Del 25.
Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man Vs..
While house-sitting the sanctum Sanctorum for Dr. Strange on Christmas Eve, Spider-man must team up with the half-crazed Moon Knight to defend the house against the new Mysterio? (S4 Ep14). Säsong 4. Del 92.
Guardians of the Galaxy
When the Guardians realize they are on the wrong side of a bounty, they stage a Christmas carold inspired con job in order to frighten a superstitious despot out of his ill-gotten riches and free his enslaved people. (S1 Ep13). Säsong 1. Del 13.
Star Wars Freemaker Adventures
The race for the Kyber Saber Crystals comes to an exciting finish on Hoth. (S1 Ep11). Säsong 1. Del 11.
Star wars rebels
When Maul takes the crew of the Ghost hostage, Ezra and Kanan must pass a trial in order to recover an ancient artefact to save them. (S2 Ep3). Säsong 3. Del 40.
Penn Zero: Part Time Hero
Boone finds himself on the most popular game show in the galaxy where he must compete against Rippen in an outrageous contest that will determine the fate of the Earth. (S1 Ep7a). Säsong 1. Del 11.
Star Vs The Forces Of Evil
Star Butterfly, a princess from another dimension, battles villains throughout the multiverse to protect her powerful magic wand which she is still figuring out how to use. Säsong 1. Del 11.
Counterfeit Cat
Max recounts the tale of how he and Gark became internationally famous singing stars Cat--a-Tonic after falling into a dustbin and being heard meowing as they unstuck themselved from the bin juice. (S1 Ep1a). Säsong 1. Del 1.
The 7D
The Seven Dwarfs are back with new adventures. Säsong 1. Del 49.
Walk The Prank
The gang signs up for after school clubs. Bailey joins the Friends of Animals, Dusty the TV Club, Herman the Wrestling Club and Chance the Journalism Club. (S1 Ep5). Säsong 1. Del 5.
Lab rats
The Lab Rats learn that, even at Christmas, things don't always go smoothly. (S3 Ep20). Säsong 3. Del 66.
Dog with a blog
‘Avery’s mother is worried about her fussy sister coming for Christmas, so Avery tries to make it perfect for her. But an unexpected guest ruins her plans. (S2 Ep7). Säsong 2. Del 29.
Kid vs Kat
Kid Vs. Kat. Coop Burtonburger’s idyllic childhood is turned upside down when his little sister Millie brings home a stray kitty of mysterious origin. Coop soon learns Kat is more than just a purple, hairless pet; he’s also a genius, evil mastermind who hates Coop with a vengeance. Coop will never give up his fight to expose Kat and save the world. From here on in its Kid vs. Kat!. Säsong 2. Del 62.
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Pickle and Peanut
While playing in the woods, the boys stumble upon a mythical monster named Pigfoot.(S1 Ep8a). Säsong 1. Del 15.


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