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Disney XD ENG
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Marvel's Spider-Man
Peter finds that he can use the new school lab and his classes to build Spider-Man tech and keep his identity a secret! (S1 Ep2). Säsong 1. Del 2.
Lab rats
Now alone except for Eddy, Leo must work out how to rescue the Lab Rats. A gruelling battle with Marcus ensues, but can Leo survive and free his friends? (S2 Ep13). Säsong 2. Del 33.
Donald competes with cool cousin Gladstone Gander to impress Louie at a lush resort, unaware that Gladstone is a prisoner of an ancient luck vampire. (S1 Ep7). Säsong 1. Del 7.
Furiki Wheels
Andre and Pepita investigate who stole the school’s musical muffler, only fto discover it was Chobado. Andre goes on the run with Chobado rather than let him be expelled. (S1 Ep4a). Säsong 1. Del 7.
Furiki Wheels
When Moka-Ma attends his drifting field trip as a parental monitor, Andre is embarrassed by her slothy behaviour – only to realise that she has some hiding racing talents. (S1 Ep4b). Säsong 1. Del 8.
Phineas and Ferb
Candace wins a competition and becomes the Mayor of Danville for the day. Phinease and Ferb build the ultimate lemonade stand, and start to sell franchises. Säsong 2. Del 57.
Phineas and Ferb
The boys build a labyrinth in the back yard. Candace's Mum is invited to perform at an '80s reunion, so the boys turn Dad into a rock star too. Säsong 2. Del 58.
Star Wars Forces Of Destiny
Sabine helps Jyn escape a stormtrooper pursuit and Jyn helps Sabine in return. (S1 Ep11). Säsong 1. Del 11.
Milo Murphy's Law
Milo pulls off a Christmas surprise for his parents by bringing Dad’s family to town. When Murphy’s Law strikes, Milo and the other Murphys team up to save Christmas. (S1 Ep16). Säsong 1. Del 16.
Milo Murphy's Law
Milo ends up riding with the wrong family on vacation. Milo and Zack try to help Melissa overcome her secret fear of roller coasters. (S1 Ep6). Säsong 1. Del 6.
Phineas & Ferb
Phineas and Ferb want to make every day of their summer vacation spectacular!. Each day they devise imaginative creations, while their sister jealous older sister Candace tries to get them in trouble with their mom. There escapades can be anything from building a gigantic roller coaster in their backyard, surfing flood waves or travel back in time. Säsong 1. Del 39.
Gravity falls
Dipper and Mabel meet an intriguing new neighbour - an adorable nine year old psychic named Li’l Gideon. Is his act a sham?. And does he have an evil side? (S1 Ep4). Säsong 1. Del 4.
Gravity falls
When Soos finds himself in need of a date for his cousin Reggie’s engagement party, he looks to a dating simulator game to help him talk to girls. (S2 Ep4). Säsong 2. Del 24.
Disney Mickey Mouse
Mickey’s routine space mission becomes complicated after Pluto reveals he has to go to the bathroom.(S2 Ep11). Säsong 2. Del 30.
Lab rats
Adam, Bree, and Chase are caught on Principal Perry's surveillance camera using bionics . ( S1 Ep13). Säsong 1. Del 13.
Lab rats
Davenport and Tasha go to Australia thinking they’ve left Eddy to look after the kids, only to discover he’s stowed away on their plane. Meanwhile Leo causes the Lab Rats to malfunction. (S1 E14). Säsong 1. Del 14.
Phineas and Ferb
The boys build a labyrinth in the back yard. Candace's Mum is invited to perform at an '80s reunion, so the boys turn Dad into a rock star too. Säsong 2. Del 58.
Phineas & Ferb
The boys' dad names a star after them, so they build a rocket to go to see it. Candace stows away. The boys are left behind, so they build a rescue rocket.( S1 Ep24). Säsong 1. Del 24.
Milo Murphy's Law
When Cavendish and Dakota stop Milo from destroying a pistachio plant, they inadvertently affect the future. The pistachio plants survive, become sentient, and take over the planet. (S1 Ep13). Säsong 1. Del 13.
Milo Murphy's Law
Milo and the gang face down sentient pistachio plants to save the world. (S1 Ep14). Säsong 1. Del 14.
Milo Murphy's Law
Career Day gives Milo a lot of potential job options, but can he find one that won’t end in disaster?. At a dude ranch, Milo and his friends meet an ancestor of Calamity Jane and their troubles multiply. (S1 Ep5). Säsong 1. Del 5.
Milo Murphy's Law
Chaos ensues when Milo tries to get an actor's autograph. Elliot must cope with Milo to be school safety monitor. (S1 Ep12). Säsong 1. Del 12.
Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures
The explosive final battle for the Kyber Saber comes down to Rowan vs. Naare vs. the Emperor. (S1 Ep13). Säsong 1. Del 13.
Phineas and Ferb
The boys use their shrinking machine on themselves so they can fit anywhere. Candace steals the machine to show to Mum, then accidentally shrinks herself and the boys have to come to her rescue. Baljeet asks the boys to help him impress a childhood girlfriend. They suggest a cruise. Säsong 2. Del 39.
Huey, Dewey and Louie take Webby to Funso's Fun Zone to get her outside of her sheltered life at the mansion and have a dangerous run-in with the Beagle Boys. (S1 Ep3). Säsong 1. Del 3.
Big City Greens S1 Splits
To make a good impression on his new neighbours, Cricket tries to launch a chicken into outer space. But his launch attempts ruffle feathers with the locals. and even his father, Bill. (S1 Ep1b). Säsong 1. Del 2.
Big City Greens
The Greens are excited to continue their traditional monthly steak dinner, but Cricket loses the all-important steaks on the subway! (S1 Ep1b). Säsong 1. Del 2.
Furiki Wheels
Andre is suspended for reckless driving and must try to live at his family's speed. Chobado takes Andre’s place when he panics over a parallel parking quiz. (S1 Ep1). Säsong 1. Del 1.
Now public enemy number one, Mech-X4 must fend off the military while dealing with a monster unlike any other they've faced before. (S1 Ep15). Säsong 1. Del 15.
Lab Rats Elite Force
While at Caldera, Scarlett turns on Skylar, and it's up to the rest of the team, and a set of android girls, to save her. (S1 Ep11). Säsong 5. Del 11.
Zoe gets mad at Gabo because he stood her up. She has the feeling that Martina is up to something. Lorenzo and Gabo argue about Martina. (S1 Ep8). Säsong 1. Del 8.
Walk The Prank
Bailey is upset when she is the only one of her classmates not invited to a birthday party. (S1 Ep2). Säsong 1. Del 2.
In a long-lost pyramid, Louie keeps trying to interpret a prophecy to his own advantage. Scrooge and Launchpad must convince a group of living mummies to storm their pharoah's keep. (S1 Ep9). Säsong 1. Del 9.
Big Hero 6 The Series
Hiro becomes demoralized when his latest school project fails spectacularly. He and the team must take on the incompetent villain, Globby. (S1 Ep6). Säsong 1. Del 6.
Marvel's Spider-Man
When Spider-Man wears Venom into battle he discovers there’s great danger in this new strength he’s been given, so he must find a way to defeat the symbiote that wants to destroy him. (S1 Ep8). Säsong 1. Del 8.
Star wars rebels
When a routine refuelling mission goes wrong, the Ghost crew find themselves transporting an important rebel leader across the galaxy, pursued by Imperial warships. (S3 Ep18). Säsong 3. Del 55.
Marvel Maximum Overload
The mischievous Loki challenges the Marvel Super Heroes, but this time he's putting the ”super” in super villain by amassing an army to conquer the Earth!. Säsong 1. Del 4.
21:56 (21:58)
Marvel's Rocket and Groot
Rocket and Groot find their dream ship in the Broker’s junkyard but encounter one very expensive problem before they can buy it. (S1 Ep1). Säsong 1. Del 1.


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