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Disney XD ENG
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Kickin it
KiCKiN' iT. Rudy discovers a hidden talent for acting and gets a part in a commercial. But when the director see's Jack's skill, Rudy is demoted. He's angry and the two end up fighting. Säsong 1. Del 6.
Mighty med
Kaz refuses to let a lockdown stop him and Oliver leaving Mighty Med for Oliver’s surprise party. As they go, a strange cloud enters the hospital and turns everyone into slow-moving drones! (S1 Ep11). Säsong 1. Del 11.
Crash and Bernstein
Crash is kidnapped by the school bully and is held hostage until he gives up his new bike. Säsong 1. Del 15.
Dog with a blog
Stan has a crush on the new neighborhood dog, Princess, but he has to figure out how to get past her owner, who is a pretentious schoolmate of Avery's.(S3 Ep4). Säsong 3. Del 50.
Kirby Buckets
Kirby launches his own web channel named Kirblammo, but Dawn, tired of always being overshadowed, hijacks his channel to try and ruin his big day. (S2 Ep1). Säsong 2. Del 21.
Walk The Prank
Chance hopes to be voted Class Clown for a record-breaking fourth year, but finds Bailey is also vying for the title. Dusty is hoping to be voted Most Academic. (S1 Ep6). Säsong 1. Del 6.
Gamer's Guide To Pretty..
Wendell introduces his new gamer girlfriend, and everyone loves her except Conor, who claims she was his arch enemy on the solo gaming tour, which causes a rift in the team.(S1 Ep5). Säsong 1. Del 5.
Star Wars: The New Yoda..
Luke plans a raid to rescue the Holocrons. He decides to destroy them to stop the Emperor using them, but R2-D2 saves one, which just happens to star a young Anakin Skywalker. ( S1 Ep3). Säsong 2. Del 6.
Star Wars Freemaker Adventures
While attempting to retrieve a Kyber Saber Crystal from an asteroid field, Rowan is captured by Graballa the Hutt. (S1 Ep2). Säsong 1. Del 2.
Star wars rebels
With the Empire closing in the rebels need new hyperspace routes. They find a shortcut near the Concord Dawn system but must gain permission from its leader. (S2 Ep13). Säsong 2. Del 28.
Lab rats
When 14 year old Leo moves into his new stepdad's mansion, he snoops around and discovers Adam, Bree and Chase - three bionic siblings living in a lab beneath the house.(S1 Ep1). Säsong 1. Del 1.
Lab rats
Davenport makes robot Lab Rats to replace the real ones at school, but the Lab Rats swap places with them. What will happen when the clones are to be crushed? (S1 Ep2). Säsong 1. Del 2.
Lab rats
On the Lab Rats’ first day of school, things go wrong when Chase is confronted by a football player and his Commando App is triggered, transforming him into ferocious drill sergeant Spike. When Spike defies the school principal, she pits the Lab Rats up against the football team to battle it out for the coveted cafeteria table.( S1 Ep3). Säsong 1. Del 3.
Lab rats
Lab assistant Leo accidentally unleashes an internet virus that transforms Eddy into Teddy, a virtual demon who locks up Davenport and terrorises the household. ( S1 Ep4). Säsong 1. Del 4.
Lab rats
Leo wants to take a cute girl called Danielle to a dance, but his friends’ attempts to help him backfire when she falls for each of them in turn. But Leo regains her attention, and ultimately gains her affection, with smooth moves on the dance floor. (S1 Ep5). Säsong 1. Del 5.
Lab rats
Leo tries to help Davenport's annual fund- raising video conference by fixing a malfunctioning exo-skeleton suit. But it runs amok, convincing Grandma the house isn't safe. (S1 E6). Säsong 1. Del 6.
Lab rats
When Davenport’s hi-tech, super fast train becomes a pilotless runaway, the Lab Rats get their first mission - to board the train and install a special braking system. (S1 Ep7). Säsong 1. Del 7.
Lab rats
Leo hopes to capitalise on Adam's strength and teams up with him to win a fitness contest. He feeds Adam pellets which activate his bionics but make him ultra competitive. ( S1 Ep8). Säsong 1. Del 8.
Lab rats
Adam, Bree and Chase learn about money by doing chores for cash, and getting an allowance. They get obsessed with making as much money as possible, and sell items from the house. (S1 Ep9). Säsong 1. Del 9.
Lab rats
When Chase only gets an A minus he is determined to become Student of the Semester. He installs attendance and healthy eating monitors, which don't improve his popularity.( S1 Ep10). Säsong 1. Del 10.
Lab rats
It's Leo's birthday. The Lab Rats have never had a party of their own so they decide to throw a surprise one for Leo. Trouble is, they get so involved with the arrangements they forget to ask Leo! ( S1 E11). Säsong 1. Del 11.
Lab rats
Leo confides to Davenport that he's nervous to ask a girl out, and Davenport lets it slip to Tasha decides to help. Leo is furious he has betrayed the confidence. ( S1 Ep12). Säsong 1. Del 12.
Lab rats
Adam, Bree, and Chase are caught on Principal Perry's surveillance camera using bionics . ( S1 Ep13). Säsong 1. Del 13.
Lab rats
Davenport and Tasha go to Australia thinking they’ve left Eddy to look after the kids, only to discover he’s stowed away on their plane. Meanwhile Leo causes the Lab Rats to malfunction. (S1 E14). Säsong 1. Del 14.
Lab rats
The Lab Rats are on holiday when Davenport finds a solar flare heading for Earth. The Lab Rats must launch a rocket from their mobile lab to stop it, but it is towed away.(S1 Ep15). Säsong 1. Del 15.
Lab rats
Future Leo arrives in a time machine to stop Adam, Bree and Chase from taking part in a dangerous mission to stiop a particle collider from creating a massive black hole.( S1 Ep16). Säsong 1. Del 16.
Lab rats
Leo enters a one-on-one basketball tournament to impress Janelle and faces the reigning champion. Chase helps him by giving him air trainers, but then Trent takes them away.( S1 Ep17). Säsong 1. Del 17.
Lab rats
New boy Marcus sucks up to the Lab Rats, who like him - except Leo, who’s sure he is bad news. When Adam and Chase start a band with Marcus and Leo is left out he’s sure of it! (S1 Ep18). Säsong 1. Del 18.
Marvel's Rocket And Groot
Animated Marvel shorts featuring buddies Rocket and Groot. (S1 Ep3). Säsong 1. Del 3.
Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man Vs..
With the Carnage Bomb already detonated across the city and turning civilians into versions of Carnage, Spider-Man, Captain America and Shield Academy must band together to save New York. (S4 Ep16). Säsong 4. Del 94.
Guardians of the Galaxy
Back on the Trail of the Cosmic Seed, the Guardians find themselves in Asgard, where they must thwart Thor and Angela in order to discover the Seed's origins. (S1 Ep17). Säsong 1. Del 17.
Marvel Maximum Overload
The mischievous Loki challenges the Marvel Super Heroes, but this time he's putting the ”super” in super villain by amassing an army to conquer the Earth!. Säsong 1. Del 3.
Star Wars Droid Tales
C-3PO recounts his exciting adventure with Rebel crew and the events of ”A New Hope” in his efforts to find R2-D2, who has been kidnapped by a mysterious figure.(S1 Ep3). Säsong 1. Del 3.
Star wars rebels
Sabine goes undercover as a cadet in the Empire’s elite flight academy to help break out several young pilots who want to defect to the rebellion. (S2 Ep4). Säsong 3. Del 41.
Phineas and Ferb
When Doof inherits a castle in Druselstein, Vanessa moves her Halloween party to the new digs. As Doof searches for a hidden fortune, the boys help make the party spectacular. Säsong 4. Del 195.
Mighty med
Kaz and Oliver have been trapped in the ER by evil Skylar and the Annihilator. Now the two villains plan to take over the hospital…(S2 Ep1). Säsong 2. Del 27.
Walk The Prank
The gang signs up for after school clubs. Bailey joins the Friends of Animals, Dusty the TV Club, Herman the Wrestling Club and Chance the Journalism Club.(S1 Ep5). Säsong 1. Del 5.
Gamer's Guide To Pretty..
Conor must overcome his demons by winning a dance competition with Ashley. Wendell passes off Franklin's art as his own to impress an attractive substitute teacher.(S1 Ep11). Säsong 1. Del 11.
Kirby Buckets
Everyone blames Kirby when Principal Mitchell introduces a strict robot named Gregory to be the new hall monitor. (S2 Ep10). Säsong 2. Del 30.
Crash and Bernstein
Crash becomes jealous when Wyatt finds an old toy and starts playing with it more than Crash. Säsong 1. Del 16.
Kickin it
KiCKiN' iT. Milton meets the President of a powerful brotherhood that can help him gain admittance to Oxbridge university. But Tom has an evil agenda, to steal an original Star Wars light sabre. Säsong 4. Del 76.
The 7D
Hildy turns herself into a good witch and becomes best friends with Queen Delightful in an attempt to take over Jollywood.(S1 Ep14b ). Säsong 1. Del 28.
21:45 (22:00)
The 7D
Queen Delightful's zany Uncle Humidor takes The 7D to find the rarest bird in all of Jollywood. The bird mistakes Grumpy for one of its chicks and refuses to let him go.(S1 Ep15a). Säsong 1. Del 29.


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