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God Channel
God Channel
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The Prayer Room
GOD TV invites viewers to 'Watch and pray', in keeping with Matthew 26:41, by participating in the 24/7 worship and intercession taking place at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City.
GOD TV Worship
GOD TV invites viewers to enter into God’s presence through anointed praise and worship led by different leaders, in keeping with Psalm 96:1 - ”Sing to the Lord a new song!”.
The Ramp - Karen Wheaton
Worship Leader, Karen Wheaton invites viewers to join hundreds of young people who gather in Hamilton, Alabama, USA each month to pursue Jesus. With dance drama group, Chosen.
Acquire the Fire
Master youth communicator, Ron Luce believes there is a battle raging to hijack today's young people, but God is raising up a new generation who will serve Him passionately and fulfill their destiny. Säsong 17. Del 38.
Audacious 2013
Audacious is a bold youth movement led by Glyn Barrett in Manchester, UK that is touching lives worldwide. This 10-part series encourages young people to reach their full potential in God. Säsong 13. Del 8.
Team Church Conference 2016
Craig Groeschel of Life Church speaks on Bold Obedience sharing what God can do through one act of obedience. ”When we obey God, we expect opposition, but also that God will show up big!” he says. Säsong 16. Del 4.
Planetshakers - Russell Evans
PlanetshakersTV aims to empower generations to win generations, featuring the upbeat sounds of the Planetshakers band, a message from Russell Evans and inspiring testimonies, direct from Australia. Säsong 2. Del 8.
Out of Zion Special
Ron Cantor talks to Robert Stearns of Eagles Wings about the upcoming Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem which GOD TV televises LIVE each October and why believers should intercede for Israel. Del 1.
UK Regional Update
GOD TV Regional Director Fergus Scarfe talks to Ric Thorpe in this new series that looks at what God is doing in the UK and profiles influential ministries. Produced by the GOD TV team in Plymouth. Säsong 17. Del 7.
Alpha Youth
A series for young people with no church background, exploring life, faith and meaning. Each episode examines a particular question. Today's is: How do I make the most of the rest of my life?. Del 9.
Arise Zion Infomercial
GOD TV CEO, Ward Simpson invites viewers to visit Israel with GOD TV to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the rebirth of the modern state, with Ron Cantor, Scott Volk and Paul and Luanne Wilbur.
Catch the Fire 2013
Carol Arnott of Catch the Fire Toronto talks about The Oil, Wine and Fire of God, urging viewers to be filled with the Holy Spirit and take God's healing to the nations. Säsong 13. Del 5.
The Future Conference 2015
The pastor of Grace Community Church, Steve Riggel discusses anti-discrimination law versus religious freedom. Hosted by Skyline Church in San Diego, CA. Hosted by Skyline Church in San Diego, CA. Säsong 15. Del 8.
Throne Room Prayer - Lila Terhune
Long-serving Intercessory Prayer Leader, Lila Terhune encourages viewers to be carriers of God's presence. Säsong 17. Del 6.
Billy Graham Classic Crusades
World renowned evangelist, Billy Graham, who's ministry spans more than 60 years, shares timeless wisdom from his expansive television archive of life-changing sermons. Säsong 17. Del 38.
ORU Chapel
The late evangelist Oral Roberts was the first to televise God's healing power at work in 1955. Today his university, ORU takes up his call to ”Go where the light is dim, and my voice is heard small.”. Säsong 17. Del 38.
Today with Ward
Ward Simpson talks to his pastor, John Kilpatrick of Church of His Presence, who can be seen each week on Church With GOD TV. Pastor Kilpatrick led the Brownsville and Bay of the Holy Spirit revivals. Säsong 17. Del 29.
Jewish Voice - Rabbi Bernis
Rabbi Jonathan Bernis, founder of Jewish Voice Ministries provides valuable insights into the Jewish roots of Christianity, Bible prophecy and world events surrounding Israel. Säsong 17. Del 185.
God is For You
Pastor David Bluntof Church on the Rock shares insights into the Bible aimed at inspiring believers to grow to new levels in their relationship with God and their service to others. Säsong 17. Del 37.
Church with GOD TV
GOD TV makes church more accessible to viewers, bringing encouragement and prayer support into their living rooms. With messages from Pastor John Kilpatrick in Daphne, Alabama and heartfelt worship. Säsong 17. Del 38.
Worship on the Rocks
180 Ministries - Teen Challenge invites viewers to pursue God's heart with Jesus Culture, United Pursuit, Josh Garrels, Todd White, RR Worship and others at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado. Säsong 17.
Bless Israel with Jewish Voice
GOD TV's Ward Simpson and Rabbi Jonathan Bernis host this three part series that looks at ways to bless Israel including helping pregnant women facing tough decisions and care for Holocaust survivors. Del 3.
Arise Zion Infomercial
GOD TV CEO, Ward Simpson invites viewers to visit Israel with GOD TV to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the rebirth of the modern state, with Ron Cantor, Scott Volk and Paul and Luanne Wilbur.
Love Life Conference - 2015
Joyce Meyer talks on It's Time To Stand Up And Stand Out explaining how believers need to stop making excuses for their bad behavior and be filled with the Holy Spirit to do great exploits for God. Säsong 15. Del 5.
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IHOPKC Passion for Jesus 2014
Deborah Hiebert of IHOPKC looks at the Wedding Feast of Revelation encouraging believers to forsake all other loves to pursue Jesus as their Bridegroom. Hosted by Mike Bickle in Kansas City. Säsong 14. Del 4.


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