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Food Factory [Repris]
Chee Cha Sambur. Discover how the makers of madras sambar, an ancient Indian vegetable stew, manage to fit an entire aromatic meal into a small can; the surprisingly sumptuous combo of lemony chocolate and cottage cheese is molded into Moo Moo bars, a modern update of a frozen Russian treat; CheeChas, a crunchy Mexican-inspired chip is puffed up from pasta; and classic sugary American gumdrops get their chewy texture. From raw materials to finished products, FOOD FACTORY reveals in awe-inspiring detail how mass-produced favourites are really made. Put on a hardhat and get ready to meet the food!. ,. Säsong 2. Del 13 av 26. Producerat år 2013.
Food Factory [Repris]
Fancy A Sausage Roll?. Discover how irresistibly flaky sausage rolls were formerly a snack fit for just a king; fluffy, sugary Peeps marshmallows come out looking like adorable baby chicks; bright colored Candy Tree lollipops get their sweet and sour flavor; and a Middle Eastern staple, pita, gets puffed up into a crunchy, zesty bite-sized snack. From raw materials to finished products, FOOD FACTORY reveals in awe-inspiring detail how mass-produced favourites are really made. Put on a hardhat and get ready to meet the food!. ,. Säsong 2. Del 14 av 26. Producerat år 2013.
Wicked Tuna: North vs South
Southern Aggression. The bluefin fishing season is extended so theres a second chance for both Northern and Southern boats to catch more paychecks or lose their shirts. Säsong 6. Del 7 av 16. Producerat år 2019.
Wicked Tuna: North vs South
Thunder Tuna. When mother nature sends rough weather to the Outer Banks, Pinwheel Captain Tyler McLaughlin pushes the envelope with his sister and First Mate Marissa in order to catch bluefin and move up the leaderboard. Meanwhile, Hot Tuna takes an unusual risk in order maintain their top position. Determined to not give up, Reel E Bugging fishes hard in the storm while navigating the most dangerous elements of the Outer Banks. Säsong 6. Del 8 av 16. Producerat år 2019.
Banged Up Abroad [Repris]
Pop Star Smuggler. Jimmy Bauer has been a singer since his teens and is a star in Latin America. Now the New Yorker's career is stalling, and he wants to break into America, but he needs to raise funds to promote himself. When an old acquaintance comes to him with a shocking proposition to swallow and smuggle heroin, Jimmy takes the gamble of a lifetime and agrees. It's a decision that will end in near death and life behind bars in the Dominican Republic. ,. Säsong 10. Del 1 av 12. Producerat år 2016.
Banged Up Abroad [Repris]
Peruvian Prison Break. Tina Myers is an exotic dancer, and part time drug dealer hustling her way through life in downtown Orlando. When she gets the opportunity to make some serious money on a Peruvian drug run, Tina makes a decision that will put her very life on the line. She embarks on a dangerous ride to the dark side of Peru's underworld, culminating in an insane prison escape?with consequences. ,. Säsong 10. Del 9 av 12. Producerat år 2016.
Drain The Oceans [Repris]
Secrets of Loch Ness. Drain the Oceans solves one of the world's great mysteries - the identity of the Loch Ness Monster. Comparisons with the deepest lake on Earth - Lake Baikal in Russian Siberia, combined with military-grade scanning technology and a sonar curtain drawn across its entire surface - the plug is pulled on Scotland's famous loch. As the waters drain away, much more than a monster is revealed. ,. Säsong 2. Del 11 av 15. Producerat år 2018.
Drain The Oceans [Repris]
London's Secret History. London is one of the most powerful cities on earth. Draining the Oceans reveals the story of the city's meteoric rise. ,. Säsong 2. Del 12 av 15. Producerat år 2018.
Europe From Above [Repris]
France. A spectacular aerial journey across France reveals a cultural powerhouse set in a vast landscape of contrasts and surprises. ,. Säsong 2. Del 3 av 6. Producerat år 2020.
To Catch a Smuggler: USA
It's Raining Meth. CBP in Miami recovers six sacred Akwanshi stone monoliths illegally removed from Nigeria, while in Detroit a large music festival draws travelers with illegal promethazine and firearms. HSI agents in NYC attempt a controlled delivery of two packages of ketamine shipped from Spain. At LAX, CBP dismantles a cargo shipment concealing 66 kilos of meth worth over $509,000. Säsong 4. Del 10 av 5. Producerat år 2022.
Car S.O.S
Jaguar XJ-S V12. Tim and Fuzz are off to Wolverhampton to take on a 1980 Jaguar XJ-S V12 a great British Grand Tourer that has sadly fallen into neglect. Säsong 9. Del 2 av 11. Producerat år 2021.
Car S.O.S
Rolls Royce 1929 Doctors Coupe. Tim and Fuzz head to Lincolnshire where the embodiment of a once luxurious era awaits - a 1929 Rolls Royce Doctor’s Coupe. Restoring the sophisticated car was the passion project of Emily’s father. After his death, he left the unfinished project in Emily’s hands, but the car ended up rotting away in her garage. Now, the Car SOS boys step in to bring this icon of luxury back to life. Säsong 9. Del 6 av 11. Producerat år 2021.
Car S.O.S [Repris]
Peugeot 106 Rallye. Everyone’s favourite petrolheads continue to transform run-down rust buckets into car dreams come true for unsuspecting car owners. Taking on some of the most daunting car restorations they’ve ever seen, Tim and Fuzz pull off some of the most heart-warming reveals this time around. ,. Säsong 9. Del 7 av 11. Producerat år 2021.
Air Crash Investigation
Power Play. On a commuter flight over the mountains of Papua New Guinea, the pilots of a twin turboprop lose both engines. PNG Flight 1600 makes a forced landing on a nearby riverbank, killing nearly everyone on board. Investigators are puzzled by the condition of the two engines, until they uncover a safety device that’s prone to failure—it’s a deadly flaw in a popular aircraft used around the world. Säsong 22. Del 4 av 10. Producerat år 2021.
Air Crash Investigation
Control Catastrophe. The pilots of Air Astana Flight 1388 find themselves in the fight of their lives as their twin-engine Embraer jet dives and rolls uncontrollably for more than an hour in the skies above Portugal. They finally figure out the freshly-serviced aircraft has been released with a fatal flaw and with assistance from two F-16 fighter jets manage to get the plane back on the ground. Säsong 22. Del 5 av 10. Producerat år 2021.
Car S.O.S
Riley Rmf. Tim and Fuzz travel to Rochdale to collect a unique family heirloom: a 1953 Riley RMF. A now rare British post-war classic has been handed from father to son for 70 years. Current owner, Richard, has been unable to get the Riley up and running, so Car SOS has been called in to try and make an automotive dream come true. However, The boys discover there's more to this restoration than meets the eye. Säsong 11. Del 3 av 10. Producerat år 2021.
Car S.O.S
Renault Alpine Gta. Tim and Fuzz are off to Dorset to pick up a 1987 Renault Alpine GTA. The car belongs to former computer technician David, who has sadly been struck down by ill health leaving his beloved car off the road and in desperate need of some TLC. His friends and family hope Car SOS can restore David’s pride and joy back to its former glory. Säsong 11. Del 1 av 10. Producerat år 2021.
UFOs: Investigating the Unknown
Government Breaks Silence. Area 51, a military outpost in the desert, shrouded in secrecy for decades, has long been the focus of many Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, or “UAP” rumors. A pop culture phenomenon, Area 51 prompted one Facebook group to suggest storming the facility in search for answers. Civilian UAP groups continue making progress in providing those answers. For the first time since 1969, Congress questions high level officials in the Pentagon on UAPs. Säsong 1. Del 5 av 5. Producerat år 2022.
Air Crash Investigation [Repris]
Lethal Limits. En route from Moscow to Perm, Russia, Aeroflot Nord Flight 821 is on its final approach when the plane nosedives and crashes onto the trans-Siberian railway. All that's left of the Boeing 737 is charred wreckage. All 88 people on board are confirmed dead. At first, investigators suspect a known design flaw in the aircraft's rudder. But as they dig deeper, they make a series of shocking discoveries that will result in calls to transform the country's aviation system. ,. Säsong 18. Del 8 av 10. Producerat år 2019.
Hitler's Last Stand
Panzer Rush. As Christmas 1944 nears, Nazi Panzer forces sweep through Belgium as they drive to recapture the port city of Antwerp. At westernmost edge of the famous Bulge, American paratroopers of the 517th Parachute Infantry Regiment fight fiercely to reverse the breakthrough. During the fighting, a young US scout becomes separated from his regiment and spends the night trapped behind the enemy line. Säsong 4. Del 4 av 6. Producerat år 2021.
WW2 Hell Under The Sea [Repris]
Torpedo Rampage. July 1944. After a lackluster wolfpack operation, an American submarine commander penetrates the defenses of a Japanese convoy in the Luzon Strait. Under constant threat from the convoy's escorts, the submarine dodges enemy fire and launches a series of attacks. But when their torpedo tubes are empty, the defenseless crew risks everything to stay in the fight. ,. Säsong 3. Del 4 av 6. Producerat år 2020.
Banged Up Abroad [Repris]
All Susan Haglof ever wanted was to be a mother. By her forties, she thought she'd lost her chance, but then after moving to Egypt, she gets the opportunity to adopt Marko, shortly after his birth. It was love at first sight, but as soon as she had him in her arms, it became clear something wasn't quite right with the adoption. Marko didn't come with any papers; there was no proof that Susan was his adoptive mother. So she made the decision to get a birth certificate with her, and her husband's name on it. What started as a small lie soon spun out of control, and less than a year into motherhood Susan was facing the possibility of being thrown into jail and separated from Marko forever. ,. Säsong 6. Del 14 av 20. Producerat år 2011.
Nazi Megastructures [Repris]
Super Tanks. Hitlers megalomaniac impulses led him to demand the construction of the largest tank the world had ever seen a mobile fortress weighing 180 tons. But even this colossus couldnt satisfy Hitlers thirst for enormous weapons of war, as he went on to request a land battleship weighing 1,000 tons. This is the story of the Nazi engineers tasked with fulfilling that dream, and an arms race that resulted in the evolution of super-guns and tanks. ,. Säsong 1. Del 4 av 6. Producerat år 2013.
Seconds From Disaster [Repris]
Eruption On Montserrat. The tranquillity of Montserrat, an island paradise in the Caribbean, is shattered in 1995 when the Soufriere Hills erupt for the first time in recorded history. The eruption takes the population of Montserrat by surprise. Scientists flock to the island and closely monitor the volcano over the next two years. Evacuations take place and an exclusion zone is mapped out. Then at 12:45pm on June 25th 1997 two years after the first eruption a massive tremor rocks the mountain. A plume of hot ash and steam soon spews into the air; reaching 45,000 feet in a matter of minutes and shrouding half the island in darkness. There follows 25 minutes of violent activity. When the ash finally settles many hours later, a scene of total devastation is revealed; many villages are buried and 19 people are dead. Many others are lucky to be alive. Montserrat is scandalised by the deaths and an investigation gets underway to discover how and why the deaths occurred. ,. Säsong 4. Del 11 av 10. Producerat år 2011.
05:00 (06:00)
Air Crash Investigation
Double Trouble. Rocked by an explosion that rips both right wing engines off the wing, the pilots of Transair 671 manage a miraculous landing at a French military airfield. Säsong 21. Del 4 av 10. Producerat år 2021.


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