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Food Factory
Mint Chocolate and Chips. Steeped in history and serious about perfection, this Ohio candy factory makes sure every melt-in-your-mouth chocolate mint is lovingly finished by hand; in this chipotle-flavored asparagus antipasto, the star ingredient goes from field to jar all on the same day; thanks to a lucky blunder Down Under this factory now produces pineapple-flavored Aussie-style soft licorice 24 hours a day; and, this cousin of the banana arrives from the tropics already peeled and then hops along an incredible conveyer belt to emerge as perfectly seasoned plantain chips. Säsong 5. Del 11 av 26. Producerat år 2015.
Food Factory
Peanut Butter Cups and Butterscotch. Invented during the Second World War, these peanut butter cups feature an amazing history and a one-of-a-kind butterscotch coating; inspired by an original 18th century British recipe, Sara Lee starts with giant slabs of butter to produce three million pound cakes every year; hand picked Valencia oranges, tangerines, and key limes go from tree to jar at this Florida orchard where they’ve perfected the art of making good old-fashioned jelly; and, this Canadian company is so serious about quality that it produces its delectable butter chicken cooking sauce at a university research facility. Säsong 5. Del 12 av 26. Producerat år 2015.
America's Funniest Home Videos: Animal Edition [Repris]
The Eagle Has Landed. A clumsy Bald Eagle, a kangaroo attacks a car, people who fear chickens, a tribute to Golden Retrievers, a raccoon helps her baby hop a fence post. ,. Säsong 1. Del 11 av 12. Producerat år 2021.
Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted [Repris]
India's Spice Capital. Chef Ramsay embarks on a wild journey through Southern India in an attempt to unlock the complex flavours of the spice trade capital of the world. This time around, Gordon will battle ocean waves with a giant fishing net, fight the searing sting of fire ants, speed through hilly dirt roads in a tiny rally car, and has his mouth set on fire with the extremely spicy local fare. To end his adventure, he'll face his toughest challenge yet when he attempts to impress artisan women cooks with his take on their local cuisine. ,. Säsong 2. Del 5 av 7. Producerat år 2020.
Banged Up Abroad [Repris]
Indian Hash Bust. Australian hippy, Mark O'Brien is dissatisfied with life. He joins an ashram in India, lead by the infamous guru Osho, looking for enlightenment. But when a fellow disciple encourages Mark to join her in a plan to smuggle an exotic form of hash to Amsterdam, it sets of a chain of events that leads him to a very different commune; the notorious Yawanda Central Prison. ,. Säsong 9. Del 8 av 13. Producerat år 2018.
Car SOS [Repris]
Start The Dart. Tim and Fuzz travel the country searching for cars that have seen better days, and owners who need a helping hand restoring them. ,. Säsong 2. Del 6 av 10. Producerat år 2013.
Ice Road Rescue
Fire and Ice. A truck driver dies in Eidfjord, and Bjørn has to get the burnt out truck off the road. In Voss, a fish truck has gone off the road, and it's up to Ove and his crew to get it back up before the valuable fish goes bad. In Odda, it's a bad day for the plowers, as two of them break down. The guys needs to get the job done as soon as possible as no plowers on the road, can soon spell disaster for other cars. A German truck driver is also crossing the mountain with too wide a load. As the road authorities take a closer look, it becomes clear that the driver isn't only driving with huge load, he has also been on the road for more hours than he's allowed to, and risks loosing his license. Säsong 1. Del 9 av 10. Producerat år 2015.
Ice Road Rescue [Repris]
Beggars Can't Be Choosers. In the lack on snow on the roads, in the south of Norway, tow rescuers Thord Paulsen and Bjørn Lægreid go to rescue a sunken boat in the fjord. In the north, a German truck driver transporting nine cars, has slid of the road, and rescuer Frank Sebulonsen has to come to the rescue. But then a truck driver drives off the road in the south, and Thord and his crew have to save the day. ,. Säsong 1. Del 3 av 10. Producerat år 2015.
Air Crash Investigation [Repris]
Stormy Cockpit. Taking off during a major storm, a brand-new 737 falls from the sky over West Africa, and an international group of investigators soon descends on Cameroon. Submerged in mud and water, Kenya Airlines Flight 507 crashed into a mangrove swamp, killing everyone on board. And while investigators ultimately pinpoint one fatal mistake that triggered the tragedy, they also uncover a lethal cascade of issues that sent the passenger jet spiralling toward the ground. ,. Säsong 19. Del 10 av 10. Producerat år 2019.
Seconds From Disaster [Repris]
The Hindenburg. The largest airship ever built and the pride of Nazi Germany's government, the Hindenburg met its fatal demise on May 6, 1937. Named after the president of Germany, Paul Von Hindenburg, the airship was 245 meters long and could cruise grandly across the Atlantic at 1268 km/h. The Hindenburg epitomised an era of luxury travel. But on her first trip of the 1937 season, disaster strikes. As she approaches at Lakehurst Naval Station in New Jersey, U.S., fire breaks out and the ship is engulfed in a flames. In less than a minute, the airship is destroyed. Miraculously, only 36 of the 97 passengers and crew are killed. The Hindenburg disaster spelled the end of airships as the long distance transport of the future. ,. Säsong 2. Del 13 av 12. Producerat år 2005.
America's Funniest Home Videos: Animal Edition
The Eagle Has Landed. A clumsy Bald Eagle, a kangaroo attacks a car, people who fear chickens, a tribute to Golden Retrievers, a raccoon helps her baby hop a fence post. Säsong 1. Del 11 av 12. Producerat år 2021.
Car S.O.S. [Repris]
Austin Tilly Truck. Tim and Fuzz have taken on one of the great unsung heroes of World War 2 : a 1941 Austin 10 Utility truck , the workhorse of the British army. It belongs to 89 year old, former soldier Ted who has used the truck on his farm for over 60 years. Remarkably, for a farm vehicle, the truck has remained in an extraordinary state of preservation and Fuzz wants to keep it that way: it's a case of conservation over restoration, but will Tim agree?. ,. Säsong 5. Del 9 av 10. Producerat år 2017.
Ice Road Rescue [Repris]
River Deep. In the far North of Norway, a brigade of road rescuers fight every day to keep the roads open and safe, in winter. Damage control is a key factor. If they destroy anything during a rescue, they will have to pay the cost. ,. Säsong 3. Del 7 av 9. Producerat år 2018.
Ice Road Rescue [Repris]
Mean Machine. In the south of Norway, a 30-ton excavator has capsized into a deep ditch. It's a logistically complicated mission and Thord knows he will need his best men to accomplish this Ice Road Rescue. ,. Säsong 3. Del 8 av 9. Producerat år 2018.
Air Crash Investigation [Repris]
Deadly Discussions. Just as LAPA Flight 3142 lifts off from a single runway airport in Buenos Aires, the 737 starts shaking violently, and moments later it crashes back to the ground. Hurtling forward at 160 knots, the plane careens past the airport perimeter, crosses a busy highway, and bursts into flames. The disaster leaves an entire nation stunned, but nothing prepares Argentinians for the staggering blunder that caused it. ,. Säsong 16. Del 9 av 10. Producerat år 2017.
Ice Road Rescue: Highway Havoc! Compilations
Tipovers. In this special episode of Ice Road Rescue Highway Havoc, Thord and Bjoern team up on two difficult jobs, the first, to rescue a truck that crashed into a fast moving river!. Then they must recover department store goods from a trailer that tipped over on the side of a busy highway. Ole Henrik is tested to the limit when he tries to recover a concrete mixer that went off the road and tipped over. Säsong 5. Del 4 av 4. Producerat år 2022.
Ice Road Rescue
Absolute Destruction. Thord and Bjoern face the ultimate rescue challenge when a fully loaded truck crashes 40 metres down a mountainside and is completely destroyed. The gruelling conditions and complex logistics make this rescue one of the biggest challenges of their careers. In a nearby ski resort, Svein Arne is on a solo mission to rescue a delivery van that’s taken a very wrong turn. Säsong 7. Del 4 av 8. Producerat år 2021.
Dutch Caribbean Coastguards
Oil Tanker Castaways. Join the Coastguard operating around Curacao, Aruba & St. Martin. In this episode the crew of the DASH-8 Coast Guard plane is faced with the challenging rescue of 14 castaways from a sunken oil tanker. Meanwhile Coastguards in Aruba perform a drug search on the boat of a local fisherman, and in the territorial waters of Curacao several units are engaged in a thrilling pursuit of a drug boat. Säsong 2. Del 7 av 8. Producerat år 2022.
Air Crash Investigation Special Report [Repris]
Take Off Tragedies. Three flights ending in tragedy, prove that minor missteps during takeoff can have disastrous consequences. With a typhoon quickly approaching, a 747 in Taiwan crashes on the tarmac. In Detroit, a DC-9 barely lifts off before leaving behind a mile-long trail of scorched debris. And, after a minor repair in Madrid, a distracted crew makes a deadly mistake. ,. Säsong 3. Del 10 av 10. Producerat år 2020.
Air Crash Investigation Special Report [Repris]
Maintenance Mistakes. A trio of crashes reveal that when the nuts and bolts of maintenance go unchecked, it can spell catastrophe. A mechanic's error in judgement leads to a terrifying mid-flight disaster in Texas. Botched maintenance and a missing cotter pin leads to a life-and-death struggle for three cargo pilots. And, after a twin turboprop goes missing in the North Sea, investigators uncover a criminal empire half a world away. ,. Säsong 3. Del 9 av 10. Producerat år 2020.
Banged Up Abroad [Repris]
When British Police raid his cocaine lab, drug dealer Pieter Tritton is forced to go on the run; but he can't resist collecting one final shipment from Ecuador. Unaware that British Police have tipped off Ecuador's Narcotics Agents, a local SWAT team catch Pieter red handed with two kilograms of pure cocaine. Sentenced to 12 years, Pieter must find out fast if he's got what it takes to survive in one of the worlds' most violent and corrupt penal systems. ,. Säsong 8. Del 1 av 7. Producerat år 2017.
Banged Up Abroad [Repris]
Escape From Al Qaeda. After days embedded with rebels from the Free Syrian Army, rookie photographer Matthew Schrier decides he's ridden his luck long enough. But on his way out of Aleppo he's kidnapped by Al Nusra Front, the Syrian Al Qaeda. Matthew is beaten and tortured, but when the opportunity to escape arises he is forced to face his toughest test yet, save himself or stay with his fellow American prisoner. ,. Säsong 8. Del 5 av 7. Producerat år 2017.
Trafficked With Mariana Van Zeller [Repris]
Counterfeiting. Mariana travels from the violent streets of Montego Bay to the posh neighborhoods of Tel Aviv in pursuit of some of the world's biggest scammers. ,. Säsong 1. Del 1 av 8. Producerat år 2020.
Seconds From Disaster [Repris]
Fire In The Cockpit. On September 2nd 1998, Swissair Flight 111 came crashing into the Atlantic Ocean near Canada's eastern coastline. All 229 people on board were killed instantly by the impact. The recovery effort and subsequent investigation that followed remains the largest and most expensive in Canada's history. ,. Säsong 6. Del 2 av 10. Producerat år 2011.
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Air Crash Investigation Special Report [Repris]
Deadly Distractions. In 1981, the Federal Aviation Administration established the sterile cockpit rule requiring pilots to refrain from non-essential activities during critical phases of flight. When this rule is broken, the resulting distraction can be deadly. Passengers fight for their lives inside a burning plane at Dallas Fort Worth Airport. A brand new L-1011 crashes in a remote swamp in the Florida Everglades. And, during a demonstration flight, a brand new Russian Superjet slams into a mountain south of Jakarta. ,. Säsong 1. Del 9 av 10. Producerat år 2018.


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